My Personal Philosophy

Be Present, Be Patient, Be Committed & Believe In Yourself

What does it mean to me to be Present?

I feel the constant pressures of modern life: pressure to be more successful, to give more of myself, my time, my energy, to be beautiful, to be a better wife, a better mother, to be everything to everyone, to be perfect. Yoga allows me to just be…

When I step on to my mat and practice with intention, I let judgement of myself go and take time to notice how I really feel, notice who I really am; I connect with myself and nurture myself. This time gives my mind and body the nourishment it needs to cope with the stresses of daily life.

I have learned to sit with my feelings, not to be afraid or turn away from them and to loosen my hold on my identity with my faults, my sadness’s, my disappointments, giving me freedom to open up; to find myself and be at ease with myself.

I try to take what I learn on the mat: strength, flexibility, patience, focus, dedication, faith, compassion and kindness and translate these feelings into my everyday life.

I will try to live my life and run my business with integrity and love, sharing time and space with others giving them the opportunity to just be…

Yoga brings wholeness and peace to what at times can feel like a chaotic and exhausting journey.

Through the practice of yoga, we can find stillness and clarity, experiencing and embracing the moment for what it really is and not what we perceive it to be. We can be open to whatever presents itself allowing us to observe and fully participate in the moment, and we may find that even the simplest of things become enhanced.

When you step on to your mat be true to yourself, have no agenda, detach yourself from the past and the future, and you may experience what a gift life really is.

What does it mean to be patient?

What does it mean to be committed?

What does it mean to believe in yourself?

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“You must learn to be still in the midst of activity and be vibrantly alive in response.”

Indira Gandhi